It's Literacy Month in Delaware, and You Can Help Spread the Word about Reading

Delaware libraries are helping to promote the importance of literacy

On Tuesday, September 19th, Governor John Carney and First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney recognized the month of September as Literacy Month during a proclamation signing at the Wilmington Library.

The month-long focus on literacy aims to recognize and appreciate the extensive efforts of literary partners who promote reading as both a lifelong joy and an essential life skill. 

During the signing event, the First Lady also mentioned First Chance Delaware, a program designed to support young children in taking part in high-quality early language experiences, thus promoting essential brain development needed for the best outcomes when they start school. 

Knowing how to read is the foundation of learning how to be successful in many areas of life, and as such, it’s important for young people and adults alike to have access to information that will help them continuously improve their literacy levels. 

Literacy partners throughout Delaware have joined together in the Delaware Literacy Alliance and as part of their first strategic plan, they are promoting strong literacy across every individual’s lifespan. 

To celebrate Literacy Month for the rest of September, here is how Delaware residents can get involved:

Get a Library Card

Both children and adults are eligible for a free public library card, so if you and your family members don’t yet have one, consider signing up online or at your local library. Having a library card presents every Delaware resident with the opportunity to embark on literary and educational adventures.

For children, a library card is a key that opens the door to a universe of stories, imagination, and discovery. It empowers and encourages young minds to explore the vast array of children's books, from enchanting tales of far-off lands to educational materials that stimulate intellectual growth. With their very own library card, children can embark on a lifelong journey of learning and creativity.

For adults, a library card is a gateway to a wealth of information, entertainment, and personal development. It provides access to a diverse collection of books, encompassing everything from bestsellers and classics to specialized subjects and research materials. Whether you're seeking inspiration, honing a skill, or simply looking for a captivating story to unwind with, your library card is the key to a world of possibilities.

Try Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

If you have a child under five, he or she is eligible to have free books delivered to your home if you participate in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Each month, this program sends young children free, age-appropriate books in order to help them develop a love for reading at an early age.

Explore Reading Assist

School-aged children may benefit from using Reading Assist for their tutoring needs. Many Delaware school districts partner with this program, which provides tutoring for students from kindergarten to third grade. Contact your student’s school district to check for tutoring availability.

Use Delaware Readiness Teams

November is only a couple of months away, and as such, it will be time to register young children for kindergarten if they’re eligible to attend next year. Delaware Readiness Teams not only enables parents to register their children for kindergarten quickly and easily, but the program also provides an array of literary resources your new student can use in order to make the most of his or her time in kindergarten.

Volunteer for Read Aloud Delaware

Read Aloud Delaware offers an outlet for volunteer readers and listeners alike. Volunteer readers can sign up for Read Aloud Delaware and then take part in reading aloud to children in order to share the joy of reading and literary adventures.

Visit Literacy Delaware

Literacy Month in Delaware isn’t just designed for children. Adult learners can take part in various Literacy Delaware programs, including the opportunity to become a tutor for those in need of educational and literacy support. 

In conclusion, Literacy Month in Delaware serves as a vital reminder of the transformative power of reading in individuals' lives. Governor John Carney and First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney's proclamation highlights the significance of literacy as an essential life skill that broadens horizons and enables individuals to get involved with other interesting subjects and topics. 

Access to information that facilitates continuous improvement in literacy levels is imperative for both youth and adults. Take a trip to your local library and participate in Literacy Month for the rest of September.


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