Celebrate the Heart of Our Communities: Delaware Libraries Week 2024

April 7-13 marks the observance of an event cherished by the people of Delaware: Delaware Libraries Week 2024. This occasion is a wonderful moment to recognize our libraries' critical role within our communities. Delaware Libraries are celebrated as knowledge repositories and dynamic centers for learning, creativity, and inclusivity.

Delaware Libraries Week 2024 is taking place thanks to the dedicated support of our legislative sponsors: Representative Baumbach, Representative Morrison, Representative Romer, Representative Dorsey Walker, Senator Huxtable, and Senator Sturgeon. They have brought this initiative to life through House Concurrent Resolution No. 106, representing the unified support and shared conviction of all Representatives and Senators. This support reflects the legislature's understanding of libraries' significant and transformative influence.

Integral to Delaware's Identity

Delaware Libraries go beyond the traditional concept of buildings that house books; they are integral to our state's literacy, learning, and economic fabric. Public libraries are communal spaces, welcoming individuals across all demographics. School libraries lay the foundation for our youths' education, igniting passions for reading and discovery. Academic libraries lead in areas of research, innovation, and scholarly discourse. Collectively, they constitute a network fostering economic development, cultural richness, and educational progress.

Read the House Concurrent Resolution NO. 106 declaring Delaware Libraries Week 2024

Delaware Libraries Week extends an invitation to all to discover the diverse array of programs, services, and collections available in our libraries. Their support ranges from aiding job seekers and entrepreneurs to promoting literacy and media literacy, showcasing the limitless contributions of Delaware Libraries.

This week also allows us to express our profound appreciation for Delaware's library staff. Their commitment, innovation, and relentless service render our libraries extraordinarily effective. April 9, 2024, has been rightfully designated as Delaware Library Workers' Day, a dedicated time to honor those who are fundamental in rendering our libraries accessible, inviting, and pertinent to everyone.

Invitation to Participate

We want to encourage folks across Delaware to participate in library programs, engage with our local libraries, and celebrate the spirit of our state's greatness. Delaware Libraries Week 2024 is an acknowledgment of the indispensable role of libraries and library staff in our state's societal fabric. Let us unite to celebrate and support these crucial institutions that enrich our lives in myriad ways.


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