Community Ready Libraries Across Delaware

Building, remodeling, and upgrading public libraries in Delaware can significantly impact the communities they serve. By investing in the infrastructure of these libraries, we can help ensure that our towns and neighborhoods remain vibrant.

Delaware's public library system is unique in that no one lives more than 7 miles from their nearest library, making them easily accessible to all residents. New and upgraded libraries can offer a range of expanded services, including access to technology, meeting rooms, and educational resources. By providing these services, libraries can be the hubs our communities need for lifelong learning, job training, and social connections. 

Delaware invests in its library buildings through effective public support and philanthropic fundraising. The state commits funding from capital bonds, but only after the local community has fundraiser half of the projected costs to complete the project. This combination of local support and state aid ensures that our new libraries are welcome additions to the local community with wide support from our elected officials. 

Recent library projects that have been financed like this include sites in all three counties. The Route 9 Library & Innovation Center in New Castle, Delaware, was built in 2019 and featured modern architecture and innovative technology. The Bear Library was renovated in 2018 and includes a community center, study rooms, and a children's area. In 2018, the Wilmington Public Library underwent a major renovation that included the construction of a new children's section, an expanded teen area, and a makerspace. The Greenwood Public Library from 2017 and the Claymont Library, located in Claymont from 2016 both include a new children's section, a teen room, and additional meeting spaces.

In 2023, Delaware Library leaders are asking the state legislature to continue their commitment to building great libraries for wonderful communities by authorizing the FY2024 Bond Bill Request at $23 million for construction projects at eight public libraries. This bond bill will allow nine communities to build or renovate their libraries. It follows on the support provided by Gov. Carney for library construction using federal ARPA funding announced in February 2022. This is a significant investment for the future of Delaware communities. 

You can be a part of helping to see new libraries built. At Delaware Library legislative day on May 3, 2023 and we are asking the legislature to commit to funding the state bond match. You can join hundreds of library supporters by sending a message to your state Representative and Senator today. Delawareans deserve is essential to ensure that they remain relevant and accessible to all residents. By investing in these libraries, communities can provide valuable resources and services that support lifelong learning, job training, and social connections, creating a more vibrant and connected community.



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