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Delaware Library cards are useful for everyone! Here's how you can get a Delaware Library card today!

Library cards are useful for many reasons. They give community members access to endless amounts of books through a public library’s physical collection, online collections, and interlibrary collections. Library cards also open the door to all types of resources and educational materials. Whether someone is looking to build language skills or computer skills, the library is the place that holds all of the help needed to succeed. Here's how you can get a Delaware Library card today!

The Delaware Public Libraries understands the importance of library accessibility and is working towards a goal of having every resident signed up for a free library card. Plenty of initiatives have been put in place to reach readers of all ages and the state has held consistent library card campaigns to get everyone to sign up. There’s no reason not to apply for a card. They can be used at all local and state libraries in Delaware and give the community the ability to find the resources they need when they need it. 

Types of Library Cards

There have been a number of library cards created by Delaware State Libraries to target the diverse age groups that come in and out of the library. By creating cards that cater to specific readers, the state is hoping to give everyone a reason to sign up for a free card. Many of these initiatives are headed by the First Lady, Tracey Quillen Carney, who coordinates efforts to help children succeed through the First Chance Delaware initiative.

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My First Delaware Library Card

This card was created with early readers in mind and was introduced in 2018 by Delaware’s First Lady alongside the Delaware Library’s Kids’ Card. This was created for readers from birth to age 5, targeting babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and it only allows check out on children’s materials. It features an adorable baby blue hen on the card design. 

While kids are usually not reading on their own at these ages, the library encourages parents to read to their children and take them to story time events to introduce them to the beauty of reading. Parents that read four picture books to their children every day for these beginning years will have exposed them to over 7,000 books by the time they reach 5 years of age. This helps build important listening and vocabulary skills that will help them once they start school. These kids usually have a strong foundation built for success and know more words than kids who haven’t been read to.

The library makes it fun for kids to get involved. Each library visit gets them a stamp on their tracker card. Those that make 10 visits can earn prizes from the library. For those who sign up for the free My First Delaware Library Card, they can get a growth chart as their prize. 

Super Library Card

The Super Library Card was meant for kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. This card has superheroes featured on the design because “all kids can be superheroes”. It was launched in 2018 at the Dover ComicCon and has similar features to its early readers counterpart. It is free to sign up for and only allows check out on juvenile/children’s materials which ensures age appropriate reading for students. 

Kids who sign up for the Super Library Card can also participate in the tracker card program and receive stamps for each visit to the library. Those that reach 10 visits receive a zipper pull. These come in a variety of designs with a different superhero on each one. To collect all 5 superhero zipper pulls, kids can use 5 tracker cards to record 50 library visits.  

Teens And Adult Library Cards

Teens and adults are also more than welcome to sign up. Unlike the kids cards, there are no restrictions when it comes to the materials that this library card has access to. Those that complete the process online can have immediate access to eMedia and are able to download eBooks, eMagazines, and online resources for free. The libraries also have extensive in-person services and programming available for patrons to learn and explore. 

Every $10 we raise helps us reach 1,000 more Delawareans to encourage them to get a library card!

Educator Library Cards

For teachers, administrators, librarians, and homeschoolers, the Delaware Libraries also offer a specific type of library card that helps holders supplement their curriculum. It gives them more privileges than the average library card allows, making them ideal for those who are searching for additional materials to incorporate into their classrooms and learning environments.

These cards allow the educator to borrow and request up to 99 items with no late fees on overdue materials and extended loan periods on each type of resource borrowed. Educators can keep books for 6 weeks at a time, DVDs for 2 weeks, and audiobooks for 6 weeks. All of these also have a renewal that doubles the loan period. They are even able to request multiple copies on an item which can be useful for teaching large groups of students. 

All that is needed to apply for this free library card is an application with verification of identity, residency, and employment if teaching through a school or a letter from the Delaware Department of Education if homeschooling.  

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