Delaware School Libraries Make the Difference

Delaware school libraries are making a difference for students.

School libraries are foundational to student learning in Delaware. In this article, we’ll discuss why they’re important, how they can be used to provide greater value to students, and programs that have proven vital in enriching student learning. Read on for more information!

Delaware School Libraries: The Hub of Learning

School libraries in Delaware have consistently been recognized as essential parts of the educational system, providing students access to a wealth of resources and materials supporting their learning and development. 

But in recent years, school librarians have taken on an even more critical role as they strive to create vibrant, engaging learning environments beyond the traditional classroom. School librarians are putting on more and more programs before school, during lunch, after school, and during the summer to reach as many students as possible and meet their unique educational needs. Here are some great programs that school libraries all over the country offer.

Before-School Book Clubs

Before-school book clubs in Delaware are becoming increasingly common in various educational institutions' libraries. Before lessons even begin, students who are members of these clubs have the opportunity to read and debate literature in a light-hearted and casual atmosphere. 

These clubs encourage students to develop a love of reading and critical thinking and discussion skills that will serve them well in all aspects of their education. Not only do these clubs help students develop a love of reading, but they also encourage students to develop a love of reading.

Lunchtime Activities

In specific libraries, lunchtime activities are offered, such as maker spaces or coding clubs, which allow students to explore their creativity and acquire new skills in a comfortable and helpful atmosphere. These activities are especially beneficial for students who may not have access to these materials at home, as those pupils might benefit significantly from them.

After-School Programs

Delaware after-school programs, which offer students access to homework help, tutoring, and enrichment activities that help them remain interested and enthused about learning, are also becoming increasingly prevalent. Students needing help with specific topics or more assistance to stay up with their studies may find support and assistance through these programs.

Summer Programs

Students will have access to a variety of resources and activities through summer reading programs that are being offered by a number of school libraries across the country. Even when they are not physically present in the classroom, students are able to maintain their interest in and connection to their education through activities such as summer reading programs and coding camps.

Cultural and Diversity Programs

Many school libraries have taken on the responsibility of promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity by offering programming that celebrates different cultures, religions, and identities. These programs aim to broaden students' perspectives, encourage empathy and understanding, and create a welcoming and accepting school environment.

Libraries may host events such as cultural fairs featuring traditional foods, music, and dances from around the world. They may also host guest speakers to discuss their experiences and promote awareness of different cultures and identities. Book clubs that focus on diverse literature and offer discussions about cultural representation are another great way to promote inclusivity.

By offering these programs, school libraries can help students develop an appreciation for diversity and promote a positive school culture that values and respects all community members.

State Legislature's Role in Improving School Libraries

The recent announcement of a $1 million state investment in Delaware's school libraries demonstrates the vital role that state legislatures can play in supporting school libraries. The funds allocated to the Delaware Division of Libraries in this year's state operating budget will integrate school libraries with the Delaware Library Catalog. This initiative aims to provide students with greater access to quality books across the state, regardless of where they may be housed.

House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst championed the pilot program to connect school libraries in the Colonial School District to the Delaware Library Catalog, which was later expanded to include more schools across the state. The program broadens students' access to materials outside the walls of their school libraries and promotes equity of access to quality resources.

Furthermore, the funding will also provide school librarians with training on modernizing library collections and allocating resources to transporting materials between libraries. The investment will also support the employment of seasonal staff to assist school librarians in migrating to the statewide catalog.

Through this initiative, the state of Delaware recognizes the critical role that school libraries and librarians play in fostering a love of learning and promoting literacy rates. State Secretary of Education Dr. Mark Holodick stated, "By removing outdated materials and better cataloging current and popular ones to make them more accessible to our students, our school libraries will become even stronger resource centers for our students."

The success of this program highlights the importance of state-level support for school libraries and serves as a model for other states to follow. State legislatures can help ensure that all students have access to quality books and resources, regardless of their location or socio-economic background, by providing funding, resources, and training for school librarians.

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