DHSS Library Information Resources for DHSS Employees & the Public

The DHSS (Department of Health and Social Services) Library makes it easy for both employees and the public to locate an abundance of information at home or on a mobile device.

Libraries, by their very design, provide patrons with a wealth of information they can access by exploring the various shelves and sections throughout the establishment.

However, visiting the library in person isn’t the only way to gain the information that patrons seek. The DHSS Library makes it easy for both employees and the public to locate a myriad of resources from the comfort of home or while on the go. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to navigate the DHSS Library’s website, read on. This informative guide will walk you through the most sought-after sections of the Department of Health and Social Services Library.

Using the DHSS Library Website

Using the DHSS Library’s website is designed to be as straightforward as possible. Simply access the homepage and from there, the entire library and its many services are at your fingertips. 

On the homepage, you will first see the library’s banner, followed by the library’s contact information and hours of operation. There are also resources just under the contact information that invite visitors to either search the library’s databases or learn more about how to navigate the library’s website (under “Learn How to Use Our Website” and “View the Library Orientation”).

On the homepage, you will also see a banner that announces new events or resources that the public is welcome to take part in.

From there, it’s easy to navigate to whichever page you need to locate by using the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. You’ll see DHSS Resources, Library Resources, Databases, Subject Guides, Library Programs, and more. 

DHSS Resources

This section includes information about the DHSS Intranet for employees, as well as the DHSS Employees COVID-19 information (which includes useful resources and tips that cover how to handle hybrid or remote working conditions).

Library Resources

This section contains the library’s Professional Development and Continuing Education resources, where patrons and employees alike can browse through different educational and professional options. Patrons can also use the Books and eBooks section to locate various titles the library carries, as well as the Physical Journals section to browse the library’s collection of physical journals.

The What Resource Should I Use section makes it easy for patrons to narrow down their options and choose the resource that will best suit their unique needs.

Databases & Online Journals

The Databases & Online Journals section presents visitors with access to a plethora of different educational databases and scholarly journals. We’ll cover more on this option in the Using Electronic Databases section.

Subject Guides

Subject Guides hosts a wealth of information about various topics that patrons might be interested in regarding DHSS services. Such subjects include Addiction and Recovery, Aging and Elder Care, Business and Leadership, Caregiving, Financial Empowerment, Mental Health, Military Veterans, Nutrition, Resources for Nurses, Social Services, Wellness, and much more.

Library Programs

This section features different DHSS Library-related programs available for participation. For example, the library is currently celebrating Banned Books Week. There is also an option to participate in D.R.I.V.E Book Discussion Groups where library patrons gather to discuss the components of a particular book. 

Further, this section provides additional database support by offering simple, 30-minute Database Introductions aimed to help patrons navigate through the various database offerings available on the library’s website. 

Research, Innovation, and Humanity Day is yet another library program that visitors can read about and participate in via the library’s Library Programs section. The page lists various projects, blog posts, and presentations released, each of which covers something relating to the topics of research, innovation, and humanity.

Free Resources & Open Access

The Free Resources & Open Access section offers open-access health research options that patrons can use to research health information. This section includes both English and Spanish resources.

About Us & Help

Finally, the About Us section includes the library’s blog, newsletter, monthly DHCQ information, and information about Little Free Libraries in the state.

The Help section contains contact information, book request forms, article requests, remote access, and more information about how to navigate the library’s website. 

Accessing the Virtual Reference Librarian

Virtual assistance through the DHSS Library website is available during afternoons from 1:30 to 4:00 PM, except on Fridays, where it’s available from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. 

To access virtual assistance, simply click on the “Ask a Librarian” tab on the right side of the screen on the library’s homepage. After keying in the requested information, patrons can begin a chat session with a DHSS librarian.

Using Electronic Databases

The DHSS Library website hosts several scholarly databases that patrons are welcome to access at any time of the day. The TDNet Discover Search tool enables users to browse information from all of the library’s journals and information sources by entering keywords into the search box on the page. 

Patrons can also narrow their searches down to specific databases, journals, ebooks, printed books, subject guides, or through the Citation Matcher tool. The Tips tab navigates to a video that provides more information that users can follow in order to locate the precise resource they’re looking for. 

In addition to being accessible through the Library Programs section, the Database Introductions tool is also available in this section. Site visitors can utilize this tool to help them familiarize themselves with databases in general, as well as how to navigate through the different offerings on the DHSS Library’s website.

The databases accessible on the library’s website include SAGE, BMJ, JAMA, Health Affairs, PsychiatryOnline, NEJM, and EBSCO Resources.

OpenAthens is another available tool that visitors can use to access the resources in the DHSS Library when they’re not on-site at the library itself, or not using a VPN service. These accounts are limited to DHSS employees.

The DHSS Library moves beyond the traditional confines of a physical library and uses its online platform to create a gateway to numerous resources for both employees and the public alike. Whether you’re looking for professional development resources or you’d like to learn using one of DHSS’s many covered subject guides, the library has you covered. 

The DHSS Library is far more than a physical collection of books and journals. Everyone here strives to keep patrons empowered and engaged through the provision of free and easy-to-access resources. If there’s something you’re looking for, try our website. Should you have any trouble finding what you seek, reach out for virtual assistance, and a DHSS librarian will be happy to help you.




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