Educator Cards

Dover Public Library offers library cards for educators who wish to supplement their class materials with materials from the public library.

What is an Educator Card?
A special library card offered by Delaware Libraries for educators who wish to supplement their curriculum with expanded access to public library resources for children and teens.

Who can get a card?
Public and private K-12 school librarians, teachers, and homeschoolers who work in Delaware, including those whose residence is out-of-state.

What makes an Educator Card different than a regular library card?
Educator card holders can check out up to 99 items and will not be charged fines for overdue items. Fines for lost items still apply. Items are also checked out for extended periods of time: books, audiobooks, and DVDs are checked out for 6 weeks (1 renewal for 6 weeks.)

How do I get an Educator Card?
Please fill out an application form and present a current photo ID or driver’s license. Teachers and librarians will need to present a proof of employment form signed by their school’s principal. Homeschooling parents will need to provide a homeschool acknowledgement document from the DDOE. Once all documents have been completed, please make an appointment with Maria Bunce to review documentation and obtain the card.

What is the expiration date?
Educator cards expire every year. They are valid from September 1st to August 31st. To renew, please make an appointment with Maria Bunce and present a current photo ID or driver’s license, proof of employment form, and/or homeschool acknowledgement document from the DDOE.

Are there any restrictions?
Yes, the following restrictions apply to Educator Cards:

  • Walk-in collections and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials are excluded.
  • Overdue items must be returned before any other materials may be checked out.
  • The educator card is intended for educational purposes and items checked out on this card should be for professional use. Materials for personal use are to be checked out separately on a personal account.
  • The library may need to limit the number of copies of a title or the number of titles checked out on a particular subject to ensure the availability of materials to all library users.
  • Educators are personally responsible for all materials checked out on their account and will need to pay for lost or damaged items.

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