Free Family Fun at the Library

With the use of a library card, Delaware libraries offer services and activities for the entire family.

When families visit their local libraries in Delaware, they have a lot more options than just borrowing books to return at a later date.

Public libraries in the Delaware area aim to enhance the lives and literary capabilities of families and children throughout the state, whether they’re physically in the library or just looking for something fun to do at home. 

With just a public library card, individuals and families can access a wide range of free services provided by the Delaware Library system, so the possibilities for family fun are essentially endless. 

Let's look at a few activities that families in Delaware can participate in at their neighborhood libraries.

Different Reading Formats

Children and adults both have distinct preferences and approaches they want to use when absorbing written content for optimum retention. Delaware residents can choose from a wide selection of audiobooks and ebooks at the library, and kids can enjoy animated versions of their favorite pieces of literature.

Additionally, many public libraries give their users access to a huge variety of magazines, TV shows, and movies that will undoubtedly improve family night. Some Delaware public libraries offer media options that patrons can access from the comfort of home, via the Kanopy app.

Summer Reading Programs

Delaware libraries also host summer reading programs to keep children engaged in educational activities while they’re out of school. In addition, Delaware libraries offer summertime STEM classes, DASEF programs, and the Performance at the Library program. 

Additional Programs

Many public libraries also host various literacy programs that kids can take part in outside of the summer months. Each program aims to pique kids' interest in reading by making it enjoyable, interactive, and exciting. For example, the read aloud options, tower-building activities, sorting games, art classes, shape matching, and other unique and interactive programs aim to keep learning as fun and accessible as possible. 

Take Beanstack, for another example. This program incentivizes children to read books outside of school by encouraging them to log their reading activities in exchange for rewards and prizes.

For the Older Kids

A variety of materials are available in Delaware libraries for older kids and teenagers as well. For instance, library users have access to scholarly publications and other research materials that they can access to gather information for school assignments. Delaware libraries also provide a vast selection of research guides on a wide range of subjects. 

Museum Pass

Another fun aspect of being a Delaware library cardholder is the fact that families can take advantage of free museum passes that they can use to enjoy family time outside of the library. Just by having a library card, individuals can reserve specific visiting times during a museum’s open hours and step inside for an afternoon of education and fun without having to pay an admission fee. 

Social Services

Delaware libraries also aim to provide resources that help families in need. For example, the ASSIST program aids individuals in completing job applications, and that’s far from the only employment offering available. Additionally, Delaware libraries offer re-entry services as well as employment and educational opportunities.

Assistance for families in need also extends to providing referrals to partner organizations, helping families apply for food benefits, medical assistance, childcare, long-term nursing care, rent and utility assistance, energy assistance, and financial coaching. 

Library of Things

The Library of Things service enables families and children to take part in various hobbies by providing resources that they’ll need in order to participate. For example, the Arts and Crafts section provides crafting stamps. The Games section provides board games, puzzles, croquet sets, and binoculars. The STEAM section provides LEGO kits, NASA backpacks, and robotics and coding tools. 

Online Access

In addition to providing patrons internet access, Delaware libraries, through the Library of Things program, provide library cardholders with borrowable camera kits, Chromebooks, Wi-Fi hotspot options, microphone kits, and more. 

If you’re a Delaware resident, your local library has much more to offer you than printed books. A quick visit to one of several Delaware libraries can provide you and your family with an extensive array of activities to participate in and resources to utilize. So, the next time you’re looking for something engaging to involve the whole family in, take a trip to your local library for some fun ideas.


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