Energize Delaware offering libraries solar funding

Solar funding will soon be available for Delaware libraries.

Energize Delaware has launched a program that will give public libraries money to add a solar array to their property to cut utility costs.

The 501(c)(3) has allotted $3 million for such projects for fiscal year 2022-23 and beyond.

The application requires that the library is open to the public and that the facility report production on an annual basis for three years. It also outlines the selection criteria and what is considered a structure suitable for solar.

Libraries may use the funding for feasibility studies; ground-, roof- or carport-mounted arrays; battery storage; utility upgrades; and installation. The studies will help the buildings’ staffs decide the technical aspects and the savings that would occur by installing a solar system. The required study must be done by a professional.

Libraries will retain ownership of their solar renewable energy credits.

A grant application can be found here.

For information, call Keith Modzelewski at 302-883-3048, ext. 111.

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