"What's Your Passion?" Campaign

Delaware libraries are helping patrons connect to their favorite subjects.

As human beings, we all have unique interests and there are always topics some of us would love to learn more about.

Unfortunately, life gets incredibly busy during adolescence and adulthood, making it challenging for people to delve into their topic of interest as much as they’d like. Sometimes, early childhood and the golden years of human life seem to be the only time when we’re free enough to pursue what we’re curious about.

Fortunately, Delaware’s library system is taking steps to put resources into the hands of people who want to learn more about subjects that matter to them. Regardless of whether an individual lives on a tight schedule, Delaware Libraries launched the “What’s Your Passion” campaign to ensure that learning resources are available to everyone who shows an interest in them.

Read on for more about the What’s Your Passion campaign, brought to you by Delaware Libraries. This article will cover what the campaign is about, what it hopes to achieve, and how everyday individuals can make use of the myriad of resources available to them through the Delaware library system.

About the What’s Your Passion Campaign?

The campaign in question was launched by Delaware Libraries to highlight various passions and encourage Delaware residents to visit their local library for resources. The campaign’s webpage highlights a long list of state representatives showcasing subjects they’re passionate about when they’re not conducting political work. 

Some representatives are listed by name, with links to their passion pages, while others are photographed displaying a symbol of the passion they chose. Clicking on one of these images takes the viewer to a page that explains the representative’s passion further, including a video introduction to the topic at hand. 

Passion Highlights

Here are a few of the campaign entries that stood out in the list of state representative passion subjects. Each of these subjects is not only interesting, but rewarding for the people who dedicate their time and efforts to pursuing and perfecting these hobbies and skills. 

  • Senator Marie Pinkney - Martial Arts
  • Senator Bryan Townsend - Opportunity
  • Senator Darius Brown - Social Justice
  • Representative Madinah Wilson-Anton - Archery
  • Representative Cyndie Romer - Theater
  • Senator Tom Carper - Baseball
  • Representative Stell Parker Selby - Music
  • Senator Kyra Hoffner - Gardening
  • Senator Trey Paradee - Drumming
  • Representative DeShanna U Neal - Community & Activism

Delaware Libraries’ Involvement

Delaware Libraries introduced the “What’s Your Passion” campaign not only to familiarize citizens with their political representatives, but to encourage people visiting these pages to pursue their own passions. 

In addition to promoting deeper involvement with hobbies and interests that people find both rewarding and compelling, Delaware Libraries also invites citizens to use library resources in an effort to further their experience with their passion subject. For example, the main campaign page introduces an array of broad subject options visitors can choose from. These include:

  • eBooks and Technology
  • Philosophy and Psychology
  • World Religions
  • Social Services
  • Language
  • Science
  • Applied Science
  • Arts and Recreation
  • Literature
  • History and Geography


Each of these broader subjects expose visitors to a variety of options under the umbrella of that topic. For example, the Social Services topic presents a page full of related subject matter, including anti-bullying resources, information for women, veterans assistance, social justice causes, LGBTQ+ care, information covering affordable healthcare, and much more.

In addition, each subject page recommends a list of books related to the topic at hand, which visitors can check out from their local library in order to broaden their knowledge on subjects that truly interest them. 

For added convenience, Delaware libraries also offer an impressive selection of e-books and other digital book formats. Using this service, patrons don’t even have to physically visit the library to check out a book that interests them. Furthermore, individuals with disabilities that interfere with their ability to read printed text no longer have to deal with this barrier when seeking information about a new subject.

The Language topic can be especially beneficial for individuals who speak English as a second language. This page contains resources that visitors can use to perfect their proficiency in English speaking, reading, and writing. On top of that, native English speakers can also browse through resources and tools they can use if they’re trying to learn a second language. 

The entire list of resources contains a plethora of interesting subtopics and the majority of everything available through Delaware Libraries is free to use. The number of options within larger options and the easy accessibility visitors can take advantage of makes it simple to explore a potential hobby or brush up on something an individual is already interested in. 

Finding Your Own Passion

Now that we’ve covered the ways in which other people are pursuing their passions with the help of Delaware Libraries, it’s time to explore the interests of readers just like you. 

The What’s Your Passion campaign was designed to bring people to the library, not only to browse through the resources available to them, but to take full advantage of all the free tools, websites, books, and other materials that can be used at no cost to the library patron in question. 

Many times, certain hobbies and interests can feel unattainable due to the costs associated with pursuing them in a traditional setting, and the campaign put on by the Delaware system of libraries aims to change that. The goal of the campaign is to not only get people excited about subjects that interest them, and introduce them to brand new subjects they’d otherwise not have the opportunity to discover, but the campaign also strives to make learning more about these topics accessible to everyone, no matter what their schedule or economic status looks like. 

Nothing should be able to stand in the way of an individual’s pursuit of knowledge, and this campaign was designed to remove barriers some people face when delving into a subject they care about. Delaware Libraries seeks to encourage citizens to follow their curiosities and let their sense of wonder lead them on a path of exploration and discovery. 

If you’re a Delaware resident and you’re interested in broadening your horizons through the pursuit of knowledge, visit Delaware Libraries online and check out the What’s Your Passion campaign. Scroll through the resources listed on the main page and explore the various subjects that interest you. There’s no doubt you’ll find resources you’ve never been shown before and taking this step forward will empower you to keep learning about what you love.

Visit the Delaware Libraries website to learn more about the campaign, or take a moment to browse through the various subjects at your fingertips, just waiting to be explored.




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